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Project Description
WBFS is a File system for the Wii backup system initially implemented by Waninkoko for the usb backup loader. This project is to look at improving the filesystem such as adding Generic File support and more. This projects language is C++

WBFS Format Specification

WBFS+ Format Specification

Mission Statement
The point here is to keep from creating multiple different implementations of different file systems or even minor tweaks to WBFS. Once, we have a single, clean and unified design for WBFS+ and have coded libwbfs+, future USBLoaders and GUIs should easily be able to use this library instead of the original libwbfs without or with minimal change to the loader code.

-It's preferable that this be coded in C++ with object orientation in mind and minimal macros (if any) to make things easier for anyone who wants to use the library.
-This is a, "hey community devs, lets do this together" type thing. That'll let us take advantage of everyone's experience and expertise.

At the moment no coding has been done as the specifications of the new WBFS+ as well as the existing WBFS are somewhat vague.
The following steps need to be done:
  1. Create an easily understandable representation of the current WBFS filesystem, what the header section contains as well as other implementation details.
  2. Identify any changes that need to be made to the filesystem to improve flexibility and allow each game to be stored in a "folder" which is dedicated to that game, including its data, cover images, metadata files, etc.
  3. Create an easily understandable representation of the new WBFS+ filesystem.
  4. Split up the design in to components that can be split between the developers on the project.
  5. Code! (Preferably with unit tests in place)
  6. Test.

How Do I Join the Effort?
Create an account first, then click on the username for a coordinator (in the "People" tab), once the profile loads click my username again, next to the word "Contact:".
Let us know what programming language you know and any relevant experience.

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